About Us

We are a Fuel Facilities Management Company with over 90 years of combined expertise, specialising in liquid measurement.

Collaboration is the foundation on which we build our business. We listen to our clients to understand their unique challenges and then develop solutions designed to help manage operating expenses and boost overall return on investment throughout the life of our products. Our Core Values are:


- Integrity

- Teamwork

- Performance

- Learning


Our business is built on four priorities that guide decision-making in BMS and ultimately, engineer our successes: Engage People, Deliver Value, Be Cost Efficient, Resource Effectively.


The BMS Group are proud to be distributors for some of the biggest companies in the world specialising in all aspects of fuel measurement equipment:-


- Total Control Systems ( TCS ) – One of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial, petroleum and agricultural fluid handling systems rotary and piston type flow meters.  


- Veeder-Root – The world’s leading supplier of automatic tank gauging and registration equipment, both mechanical and electronic.


- OCV - One of the leading manufacturers of control valves, used in such industries as the Fuel, Chemical and Aviation.



To compliment our superb range of products we have a team of highly skilled engineers, who, together offer full UK coverage. To that effect we are able to offer a vast range of services, so whether you're looking for someone to inspect your Fuel Tank or fully install and maintain a complete Fuel Management System we are the ones to trust. When you contact BMS you can expect superb customer service, competitive pricing and unrivalled aftercare.

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