Flowal Meter Range

Oval Gear Meters

Bopp and Reuther are a German based manufacturing company founded in 1872 and are responsible for the invention and subsequent patent of the Oval Gear Flow Metering Principal. Over time both the production facility and product portfolio has been expanded to include the addition of various other Metering Technologies such as Turbine, Coriolis, Vortex and Densimeters together with a range of supporting instrumentation.

A natural progression for Bopp and Reuther was to continue the expansion of the product range and are now proud to announce the launch of the Flowal Plus series.  This family of Meters is also based on Oval Gear principle making it a simple, reliable and cost effective solution for the volumetric flow measurement of liquids.

Oval Gear Meters belong to the volumetric measurement group know and Positive Displacement, or “PD” Meters.  The flow of liquid through the Meter rotates the oval gears, with each revolution displacing a known volume of liquid from the inlet to the outlet of the Meter. As the gears rotate a magnetic coupling is engaged either recording measurement on a mechanical device, or driving a pulse generator to provide an external pulsed output.

The Flowal Plus series of Flow Meters are complemented with a range of electronic displays providing control, totalisation, data transmission and compensated mass reading of product, providing a process solution combining both versatility with ease of use.

The new family of Meters provides a simple yet effective range of products offering a diverse range of wetted components making the Meters suitable for use in many industrial applications including, automotive, food, chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical.  Typical applications for the Flowal Plus range would include batching, blending, mixing, filling, injection, laboratory and Research and Development.