TCS 3000 Electronic Meter Register

TCS 3000

The TCS 3000 is a powerful, electronic register designed to transform the way you deliver fuel. It has been engineered to control most vehicle delivery operations. The TCS 3000 can improve your cash flow by allowing the driver to make more deliveries in less time with increased accuracy and security. 


The TCS 3000 electronic register was designed for a marketplace that is developing rapidly. With the ease of setup, you have the option of a simple "Pump & Print" delivery or a custom measurement solution.


- Simple Pump & Print

- Single or Multiple Products

- Auto-Calibration

- Preset Price or Gallons

- In-field Setup & Configuration

- Temperature Volume Compensation

- Additive Injection

- Tank Gauging

- Corrected Differential Pressure

- Electronic Pump Control/PTO

- Electronic Preset

- Wireless Data Capture

- Multiple Reports

- Electronic Vapor or Air Elimination

- And More!


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