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    Total Control Systems (TCS) is rapidly becoming a globally recognizable brand. With its quality flow meters and innovative suite of accessories and software, an increasing number of industries and markets are adopting TCS products. However, to fully explain the surge in demand for Total Control Systems metering solutions, one must look at the company itself.

    Who is Total Control Systems?

    Total Control Systems was officially formed in 1995, but the company’s history in the petroleum industry extends back over 70 years.

    TCS current owner and President, Dan Murray’s grandfather and great-grandfather both worked at Tokheim.  Tokheim manufactured the predecessor to the TCS 682 piston meter.  When Dan’s grandfather started TCS parent company, Murray Equipment, Inc. in 1950, the company provided equipment and services for petrol service stations.

    Thanks to a key set of values, the company quickly expanded into other industries.

    “Our main stakeholders are our customers, not shareholders,” explained Dan Murray. “We are problem-solvers. Our customers ask us to help overcome their challenges and we listen. We have a reputation for being innovative, but really our focus is helping our customers be more successful.”

    From petrol service stations, Murray Equipment, Inc. branched into the design and manufacturing of liquid handling systems and facilities.

    Then in 1995, the company came full circle and Total Control Systems was formed when Murray Equipment decided to bring meter manufacturing inhouse when they purchased the license to make the 682 piston flow meter.

    That same customer-focus continues to drive product development today:

    In 1999, TCS developed its 700 Series Rotary meters. Today these 2” – 6” rotary meters continued to be manufactured at TCS Headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN and certified ‘Made in the USA’.

    In 2006, BMS became the first European distributor for TCS and has since built a very strong relationship.

    In 2008, the 682 piston flow meter housing was redesigned for a lower weight and smaller design.

    In 2011, the TCS 3000 (Gen 1) was developed as the industry’s first flow computer.

    In 2012, the company launched TCS HUB as a companion to the TCS 3000 allowing users to electronically capture and send delivery data to the home office.

    In 2016, TCS Europe was formed to place stock and technical support closer to its customers.

    In 2018, TCS announced the Gen 2 version of the TCS 3000. The version allowed for upgrade rather than complete purchase.

    In 2021, The TCS Mobile app was developed. This app is backwards compatible and can control all versions of the TCS 3000. It allows data to be sent from the TCS 3000 to the TCS HUB using the device’s own cellular card rather than a separate modem.

    In 2022, TCS reconfigured its high-flow 3”, 4”, and 6” 700 Series rotary meters to offer flange to flange drop-in replacements for leading-brand single, dual, and triple capsule meters. Customers can now choose TCS while incurring minimal to no engineering and redesign costs.

    In 2023, TCS anticipates Class 1 Div 1 certification of the TCS 3000 to allow for use in additional markets.

    Today, Total Control Systems operates out of 3 US manufacturing facilities and its support and distribution center in the UK. It’s continuing to experience growth. And, while on paper TCS is more successful than ever, it’s still the customer that is on the owner’s mind.

    “Our focus is helping our customers be more successful”

    “For TCS it’s about making sure our customers get the product they need to run their businesses,” shared Mr. Murray. “We’re rapidly expanding our manufacturing capabilities and bringing more steps inside to gain more control over our supply chain.  But, at the end of the day, we measure our success, not by revenue or square feet, but by how well we were able to meet our customers’ needs.”


    (Above) The grandfather and great-grandfather of current President Dan Murray worked at Tokheim.

    When TCS Parent Company Murray Equipment, Inc began in 1950 it was in the business of servicing Petrol Stations.

    Today, TCS parent company Murray Equipment Inc, designs and manufactures liquid handling systems and facilities.

    Early versions of the TCS 682 and TCS 700 meters. Thanks to customer-driven engineering, these meters continue to evolve and innovate.

    Total Control Systems manufactures its meters at its headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. TCS meters are certified ‘Made in the USA’.


    Customer-focused engineering led TCS to reconfigure its popular high-flow 700 meters to be flange-to-flange drop-in replacements for leading-brand single, dual, and triple capsule meters.


    TCS HUB is a cloud-based software that consolidates TCS 3000 Electronic Register/Flow computer delivery data online for reporting and importing into POS/Accounting software.


    The TCS 3000 Electronic Register will soon be certified Class 1 Div 1. It offers backwards compatibility and a TCS Mobile app for smart devices.

    TCS is rapidly growing. To stay ahead of demand, TCS has ongoing expansion projects at its headquarters (shown). TCS has recently added 2 additional nearby manufacturing locations which are also undergoing expansion.

    Total Control Systems and its parent company Murray Equipment Inc. are privately held and operated. Shown here is current President Dan Murray with his father and previous President Steve Murray.

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