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Fuel Recovery Systems

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01233 740149

Units available in several models to fit your size, budget and project scope.

Standard Sizes:

10-Gallon       100-Gallon

20-Gallon       200-Gallon

55-Gallon       300-Gallon

*Custom Sizes Available


  • Tank sumps
  • Filter sumps
  • Low point drains
  • High point vents
  • Samples from fuel truck receipts
  • Membrane filtration tests
  • Drained fuel from filter change outs
  • Used in Aviation and non-aviation

Not all recovery units are created the same.

What sets Schultz apart?

  • Made in the USA by experienced engineers, machinists, fabricators. 
  • Safer operation with no worry about inadvertently leaving the valve open.
  • No contamination or sediment discharge back into storage. 
  • Works in cold climates without freeze concerns.  
  • No valves or mechanisms inside the tank.  
Global Brands working with BMS

Working with global brands.

We're extremely proud to be working with and distributing for some of the leading global brands.


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